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Wedding Distractons

I’ve been quite distracted from my writing this past year due to the fact that I’m getting married in August (I also started writing a blog for a wedding videographer) and because I’ve chosen to do a lot of the wedding stuff myself, I find I spend a lot of my time browsing ideas on the internet, looking for crafts and of course BARGAINS!
So I have bits and pieces and as I find it hard to concentrate on one thing for any length of time, means I end up with lots of projects all at different stages.
As a ‘closet’ writer (i.e. I don’t really share my writing with people I know for fear that’s it’s rubbish and there’s a whole awkward situation about it and I’m also not great at social media and sharing with the world), I find it hard to know which of my stories will be well accepted, which are the ones that will be popular. And because of this I have a whole trilogy which is about 90% finished and yet I have done not-a-lot about. This was the first thing I have ever written so I am worried that it is obviously written by an immature author.
But I am now doing my best to finish off as many projects as a I can and I have started back work on an as yet untitled book – stay tuned for more info!