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Kanye West – Idiot of the Week

That’s right Kanye West aka Idiot of the Week, stopped his gig at Qantas Credit Union Arena in Sydney on Friday 12th September, in order to make two handicapped fans get up on their feet, because “I can’t do the rest of this show until everybody stands up.”
OMG, omg! what a complete and total berk. And that also includes the crowd that decided to boo and chant ‘Stand Up’
without even bothering to check why they wouldn’t or in this case, couldn’t!
He even sent a member of his security team to ascertain why these two people were still sat down. West even says “This is the longest I’ve had to wait to do the song, it’s unbelievable” What’s more unbelievable is how frickin’ rude he is! It’s none of his business whether they are standing or not, they’ve paid their money and they can watch you however they want.
Who cares if there are a couple of people not standing up anyway? As a performer you should act professionally not ruin it for everyone by pausing mid song just to moan.
So yeah, Kayne West – Idiot of the Week.

Here is the video of Kayne being an idiot.