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Handmade Christmas Tree Decorations

This year I decided to make pretty much everything myself – including the decorations for our Christmas tree (which isn’t technically a Christmas tree but I wanted to try something new and couldn’t be bothered to fit the artificial one together).


I made all of these decorations using:
-Glitter Card (which is now all over the house)
-Polystyrene balls(50mm)
-A lot of patience!

The Twine Hearts

Using the card, cut out a heart shape (you can use any shape but hearts and circles are easiest due to the way this is done), and cut out the middle leaving the desired thickness you want. Take the twine and secure the end to the card using either tape or glue (you wont be able to see this when you are done).
Begin wrapping the twine around the frame of the heart. I started at the top and worked my way down one side and then did the same for the other side.
Remember to keep the twine tight and don’t leave any gaps with the card showing.
When you have gone all the way round, secure the last piece of twine with glue so that you won’t see it when it is hanging on the tree.

Snowmen & Trees

These are very easy. Simply cut out two of your desired shape from your glitter card and glue them together. Then using a needle, with some blue-tac underneath, pierce a whole into the top of your tree/snowman so you can put some thread through and they are ready to hang on the tree.

Twine Baubles

These can be a bit tricky. Start by securing your twine on the polystyrene ball and wrap around the ball a few times.
To get the effect of that more diamond shape, just keep wrapping the twine around the ball in the same direction and make sure to change positions frequently so you cover the entire ball.
Secure the end of the twine.
For decoration, wrap some twine around the centre of the bauble and add a sequin for a bit of sparkle.
handmade christmas tree decorations

Here is the Christmas tree with the lights on.