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Halloween Tips and Ideas

Halloween Pumpkin Decoration Ideas

The Pumpkin vase
If you want to do something a little bit different this Halloween and are looking for an alternative to the usual pumpkin face carving, here is a very simple but great looking idea to use in your home either as a table centre piece or at a Halloween party.

You will need:
A pumpkin
A knife for cutting the pumpkin and a spoon to get rid of the insides

First off, choose your pumpkin. For this tutorial I have used a small pumpkin because I don’t have a large table. You can use any size pumpkin you want, just remember that the bigger the pumpkin, the more flowers you will need to fill it.
Halloween pumpkin Decoration Ideas

You need to cut out a large circle from the top of the pumpkin. Cut it to the size that will fit how many flowers you want to put in it. The more flowers you can put in it, the better it will look but don’t cut off the entire top part of the pumpkin.
It doesn’t really matter if the sides of the hole you have cut out are perfect because you won’t be able to see them when the pumpkin is full of flowers.
You can throw away the top part of the pumpkin. Remove the seeds and pulp from inside as best you can.
Halloween pumpkin Decoration Ideas

Fill the pumpkin half way with water.
Carefully arrange your flowers into the pumpkin, cutting the stems short so they don’t stick out too much. I have used orange, red and yellow flowers to go with the feel of autumn.

TIP These pumpkin vases will only last a couple of days before they start to smell so don’t make them too early. If you plan to use them on a specific day, make them the night before or on the day if possible.

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