Darkest Night Collection

Darkest Night Collection-my vampire world.

The world of Vampires, it’s not always as glamorous as you may think. Vampires are not always free to do as they wish. That is especially true for vampires in England where segregation and discrimination are inordinate.

There are two main distinctions between these vampires. One is a ‘house’ vampire who is ‘born’ into a ‘family’ or a legacy of other, well established vampires. They don’t feed on humans; they find it too barbaric and uncultured.

The second is those known as ‘tainted’. These vampires tend to be wild, made mad by the traumatic event of being turned and have no concern for who they kill, including their own kind. Yet there are exceptions to the ‘rule’, things are not always so black and white!

Introduction to characters: Delcaos – a burgundy eyed, handsome vampire from Russia and a vampire writer. A self proclaimed God who descends into darkness and madness and loses everything for a second time.

“You can never know the sweet seduction of mortal blood, the exhilaration of the chase, of sinking ones teeth into sensuous mortal flesh, unless you are one of us. That was something we shared, the needing and the wanting, this was what kept us together so long. Ah how wonderful it is to taste someone young. the beautiful always please me most. Their skin is supple, the blood flows so strongly around their divine frames. Oh to be with a young attractive female or male, rippling muscles that quiver with my touch. I worship them, undress them carefully, caress their flesh and gently stroke the hair, how easy it is to control them.”

Extract from ‘Delcaos’ the first part of the ‘Darkest Night Collection’.

Gabriel- a mysterious creature who seems to know a lot. His wavy blond hair and debonair smile mask his real intentions.

Ana- The beautiful young French vampire with a hidden background.

Christophe Dubois- sire of Anton Dubois, a powerful ‘House’ vampire in Cambridge. It is well known that he was taken for his good looks and beguiling eyes.

“Don’t let go.”
I have this dream when I am awake. I’m falling. I don’t know from what or where I am but I know there is no ground beneath my feet. All around me is black, there is no discernable surroundings.
But I can feel my descent. I feel the fear encroach upon my chest. My eyes are closed and shivers curse through the every tip of my body.
Then I look up and she’s there. Somehow she’s clinging on to my outstretched hand telling me with all sincerity, “Don’t let go.” The possibility that she cares and I feel myself elevating.
I can see the determination in her eyes, a smile emerges from my lips. That she is there, saving me, giving me hope in the simplest words, ‘Don’t let Go’ only reminds me more of why I am so in love with her

Christophe Dubois 2008.

There are many more characters in this series. This is just to give you an introduction to a few of them. You can read ‘Delcaos’ for Free now, just follow the link on the ‘books’ page.